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"Shanghai four seasons" together to swim in the autumn of more than 40 activities

Date: 2013-09-05

"Four seasons" Shanghai tourism consumption information fall conference today (September 5) was held in Shanghai world port. With the concept of "big tourism" the determination of the city's tourism industry is increasing the pace of convergence with other industries development. As the golden season of city tourism resources show, "autumn" in Shanghai for a series of exciting activities, represented by the Shanghai tourism festival show success, business, tourism and cultural integration innovation.
On September 14, the annual Shanghai tourism festival will be held in huangpu district huaihai road (Tibet south road, south shaanxi road). After 22 days, more than 40 activity in each district and county of Shanghai. The opening parade come from more than 30 performing teams and 20 elaborate floats, will work together in huai hai road dedicated a feast to amorous feelings of the world. Pujiang barge tour, "the mass", maple JingShui township mass, urban coffee culture festival, nine series, Tang Yun Mid-Autumn festival, the yu garden in China, and tourism kite meeting a group of classic brand show in every year autumn, enduring; Experience tour, including peace "old Shanghai culture", Shanghai music festival in the west bank, universal Hong Kong shopping festival tourism culture, north bund cruise tourism festival and yangpu college tourism festival and so on a series of innovative activities will also be at the Shanghai tourism festival, bring a surprise to you.
Huimin polity is one of the Shanghai tourism festival do section principle. Tourism festival this year, the city's tourism industry offers tourists from home and abroad a wide range of discount activity, and promised to provide more high-quality service quality. September 14 to 18, this city 52 GuJing will launch tickets at half price is favorable, 20 high star hotel door market price. The organizing committee has worked with China unionpay to select representative urban and suburb of scenic area as a pilot, the merchants of scenic spot full launch brush calorie of consumption discount measures, and also continue to work with Shanghai well-known restaurant chain enterprise, and will further expand the scope of credit card offers.
"Autumn Shanghai" show shen the endless charm of cultural tourism. By the Shanghai municipal tourism administration to join hands in Shanghai article wide bureau meticulously "classic Shanghai - Shanghai film and television shooting photo-op" shows the scenery and the perfect combination of light and shadow. Including Shanghai tourism festival, Shanghai international art festival, China, 2013 Shanghai rolex tennis masters, F1 grand prix in China, the Shanghai grand prix track and field diamond, Shanghai international marathon, "four sections", is the Shanghai culture, tourism, sports prosperous time, also is Shanghai golden autumn is the most beautiful scenery line.
In recent years, Shanghai urban tourism has been the "classic Shanghai" motif, today's fall, will open port 170 years of old buildings, one by one classic landmarks are also introduced, and the first Shanghai tourism ambassador Ding Xiaojun, Shanghai gold guide culture guide Huang Yuqing also recommended to visitors to his mind, is suitable for the tourism and leisure to experience the local culture.