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GongQing forest park, actively create a "Shanghai specification cultural tourism scenic area"

Date: 2013-09-05

Law enforcement team on September 4th, city culture, city tourism bureau for examination and assessment of joint inspection team came to GongQing forest park, the park create "Shanghai culture tourism scenic area" standard acceptance review. District culture and law enforcement, district, district tourism bureau of industry and commerce and related units to acceptance of the meeting.
Acceptance in the meeting, review the assessment team all through on-site inspection, listen to the report, check parameter, and obligations in the form of communication and the review, the GongQing forest park tourism standardize the creation of the scenic spot to give the full affirmation, and further enhance the management level, the respect such as deepening the regulation put forward some valuable opinions and Suggestions, stressed GongQing specification cultural tourism scenic forest park create groped for a very good experience, summing up experience to continuously explore, strengthening the cooperation of the departments, actively create social unknown force, participation in power, influence, have led to more scenic spot tourism standardization construction demonstration. The specific acceptance results will be announced before the end of the year.
The creation of "specification cultural tourism scenic area" is the Shanghai culture and tourism industry development in order to adapt to new situation of an innovative measures. As the third batch of cultural tourism in the city area to create standard units, the Shanghai GongQing forest park since June 3, 2011 launched the specific creation, positive synergy park district culture and law enforcement, district tourism bureau and public security, traffic police, urban management and other relevant departments, and steadily push forward the work task. Park in recent years to cultural tourism scenic spot set as an opportunity to standardize the park operation and management, efforts to create a better tourism environment for citizens to tourists, to create "a beautiful environment, good order, service specification, consumer trust, civilized and harmonious" code of cultural tourism scenic spot.