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Shanghai restaurant to take active measures to reverse the city

Date: 2013-09-04

Affected by the forbidden "three consumption", the current food industry development in China is facing a more stern challenge, but the restaurant industry in Shanghai, although also was greatly affected by the avian influenza events in April, the upscale restaurant performance drop nearly 20%. But starting in May, the Shanghai restaurant industry gradually warming. Shanghai restaurant main measures include: one is the upscale restaurant started transformation development. Many upscale restaurant start mass consumption, launch group purchase, package, such as small dish, originally the bumps yuan per capita spending is controlled yuan, gradually reversing the downturn. The second is to improve the dining trough the space utilization of time. For example the meal off-peak introduced family meal, lunch, afternoon tea, such as services, increase the attendance. 3 it is adding value to attract mass consumption. As mentioned in the hercynian key bridge embankment steak day shop, because the restaurant for free for the consumer to provide the service of marriage proposal, such as birthday surprise, choose here day or holiday consumers much more special. Four is to keep the "characteristic" signs, clear positioning in order to obtain a bigger development space, not to people or mass consumption lower class pursuit of low prices.