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Shanghai international music YanHuaJie will deduce the six-nation customs in century park

Date: 2013-09-05

During the Shanghai tourism festival this year, the "Shanghai international music YanHuaJie" will be duly bloom over the century park. YanHuaJie will use the illusion opening this year, the rock to the end, from Malaysia, China, Australia, Mexico, Germany, the United States the six countries of fireworks, the master will be comfortable with all kinds of amorous feelings of the fireworks show.
According to organizers, before the formal national special performance, this year the AD hoc for 20 minutes "individual creative fireworks show" link, with the method of the voice-over, setting off a creative fireworks, and synchronization is introduced to the audience the fireworks. This year there will be 14 fireworks manufacturing enterprises of 35 products, divided into "modelling display shell group", "conventional display shell group" and "combination potted flower group". Viewers will see display shell shape "rose", in the air, the whole process of the present rose from bud to bloom. Sept. 30, his first performance in the first half performance in Malaysia's theme of "meet Malaysia"; China's special theme of "dream world" in the second half. On October 3, in the first half is lyrical atmosphere of Australia, is it hot in the second half of Mexico's special. On October 6, the first half of Germany's special theme of "romantic" fireworks, in the second half of last performance is brought together "rock" by the United States.