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Chang Dexin flight to Shanghai pudong airport

Date: 2014-10-21

Since October 29, changde shangri-la airport will add changde flights to Shanghai pudong airport.At the appointed time, changde to Shanghai will be encrypted to class every day.
New changde flight to Shanghai pudong airport flight number is 9 c8771/9 c8772, models for A320, three, five by the spring and autumn period and the air fresh.Miriam flight time on Wednesday to 08:50 Shanghai, arrived in changde, 13:15 changde, sets arrived in Shanghai;Friday flight time for 09:00 Shanghai, every arrive in changde, changde, therefore 17:00 arrive in Shanghai.
The shangri-la airport in 2006 flights from changde to Shanghai hongqiao airport, now this airline flight number for 9 c8829\9 c8830, models for A320, every Monday, two, four, six, fresh, 9 c8829 (Shanghai - changde) flight time to fetch - they, 9 c8830 (changde - Shanghai), the flight time for persons - had.
Until now, there is more than 70 sorties shangri-la airport flights a week, on the route are Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, haikou, kunming, xi 'an, xiamen eight domestic routes.The changde to Shanghai flights encryption to class every day, will be changde, Shanghai passenger travel to bring great convenience.